Cleansed Crystals to Enhance Self-Empowerment
Cleansed Crystals to Enhance Self-Empowerment
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About Us

Caress Crystals is a safe place  to learn and explore the wonderful world of crystals. My mission is to assist individuals who seek guidance towards selecting cleansed crystals that resonate with their energy. Caress Crystals are hand-selected and cleansed to your specific preference. This process allows the full intent of bringing self-empowering energies to their new home. All Caress Crystals are 100% natural and ethically sourced from all over the world. Thank you, for viewing. May you and your loved ones be blessed with health, wealth, sucess, and unconditional love. Peaceful Blessings!

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"I love my Caress Crystals. They bring me such joy and they have great customer service. Will definitely reorder soon." -Cyndy S., Ridgewood, NY

"After research, I wanted something to help with self-care and mental health as well as spiritual. Taking each into my hands and placing my affirmations and energy, I can say I felt each tingle which made me smile while in meditation." -Justin J., Brooklyn, NY

"Caress Crystals ships with care. Outstanding customer service! Fast shipping! She sells authentic crystals and they are all unique in their own individual way. I will come back again! Thank you Caress Crystals." -J. Caraballo, Rutland, MA